8 Common Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Have you seen some hair falling problem, and you do not know what the reason for this? There is nothing to panic as with advance medical science. Even bald people can be cured through hair transplant surgical procedure or hair replacement process or by way of medical science. Still, before you choose any of these hair restoration choices, we tell some prevalent causes that tell about hair fall.

Hair loss Causes of Hair Loss in Women

1.Stress or Sickness

Causes of Hair Loss in Women

When you recently been through any bodily or emotional stress or any type of chronic illness, so this can trigger a hair fall fastly. Stress such as family problems, financial crises, or something. This type of Stress or Illness pushes your hair fall. But there is nothing you can do as your hairs will develop again as soon as the Stress or illness phase is over.

2.Pregnancy for ladies

Causes of Hair Loss in Women

women experience a small amount of hair loss during your pregnancy time, but you may experience heavy hair fall after you give delivery to the child. But you do not take any tension. Your hair will grow after some time

3.By Vitamin A

Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Something high vitamin consume access can be dangerous for health. In case you drink an everyday dose of vitamin more than your body needs, you’ll experience hair fall. You avoid this, simply stop the consumption of Vitamin A in your body.

4. Protein deficiency

Causes of Hair Loss in Women

If you do not provide a proper quantity of protein to your health. then You’ll feel some hair fall after two to three months of protein deficiency. Hair loss due to protein deficiency can be stopped by including sources of protein in your food plan.

5. Vitamin B deficiency

Causes of Hair Loss in Women

The deficiency of vitamin B in our body can also make a region of hair fall. To stop this problem, you need to take dietary supplements and food plans which resolve Vitamin B deficiency.

6. Hormonal Imbalance

Causes of Hair Loss in Women

when you are taking any dietary supplements or drugs to stimulate or restore hormones, say for treating infertility. This hormonal change in your physique can also trigger hair fall. In case you are consuming any such drugs or supplements that trigger hormonal imbalance, this problem discuss to your physician immediately and ask him to change your diet plan, then it stops your hair fall problem

7.Anemia deficiency

Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Deficiency of iron in the body can trigger hair all different symptoms of anemia include pale skin, cold leg, and hands, fatigue, headache. you go for a blood test, to check what is your problem and to resolve it, Now you start taking the source of iron.

8. Sudden Weight Loss

Causes of Hair Loss in Women

In case you recently joined some weight loss program and got success in dropping a lot of weight in a short time, its good for you, but sudden weight loss your body that can trigger heavy hair fall. Make a food plan which contains protein and might full fill the deficiency, your body will take six months to revive it

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