After Priyanka, Virat, this girl gets the most Fees of an Instagram post

most populer instagramer

Recently the Instagram reveal list 2020 was released, which also stars Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra and Virat Kohli. But there’s a surprising name on this list. the most fees of an Instagram post

most populer instagramer

Instagram has billions, billions of users worldwide. Just lately, reveal List 2020 list of Instagram has been released. In this list,Priyanka Chopra and Virat Kohli are also named. This list has been launched worldwide and country wise. According to this list, Priyanka Chopra and Virat Kohli primary and second place in India’s Rich Instagram Paid list.both are taken 2.5 crores for every Instagram post. A model from India is also named on this list launched by Hopper HQ.

Kritika Khurana

most populer instagramer

Its model name is Kritika Khurana. You can be surprised to know that Kritika’s top 5 Instagrammers in India. Who took money for a post on Instagram. Only 4-5 Indians, including Virat Kohli Priyanka Chopra, are included in this listing. According to the list, Virat Kohli is the highest charge for a post in India, and also Priyanka Chopra

Kritika Khurana in top 4

Kritika Khurana is at number 4 in India’s list, while within the Worldwide Rich List 2020, she is in the 182nd place. There may be only 181 people all over the world who charge more for posting on Instagram than them.  About Kritika Khurana, she is a model, blogger, and fashion, beauty.

Kritika belongs to Chandigarh (Haryana)
Kritika Khurana belongs to Chandigarh, Kritika Khurana runs an Instagram page. Her Instagram page name is @thatbohogirl

most populer instagramer

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She also has a YouTube account. Kritika gets $ 3000 for a post on Instagram, its. Around 2 lakh 25 thousand rupees in Indian currency. Kritika’s Instagram currently has 8 lakh, 48 thousand followers.sHe also has millions of subscribers on his YouTube account. Kritika’s charm is visible in her Instagram pictures.


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