Do not use these things directly on your skin, will get into trouble

Do not use these things directly on your skin

Every girl’s dream is to look beautiful. For this beauty, we apply many things to our skin and body. Many girls also use household items for their skincare which is right. Many chemicals are found in market products. Which can have a bad effect on your skin? But there are some rules of using household items by following which you can get healthy glowing skin. Today we are going to tell you about some household things that you should not apply directly to your skin. Otherwise, it can have side effects. You can use these things mixed with something

These Things Do Not Use Directly on your skin

1: Lemon

Lemon use for skin

Lemon is very useful for our skin. lemon cleans the face and reduces spots. But let us tell you that citric acid is very high in lemon. Direct use of it may cause itching, acne on the face.

2: Apple Cider vinegar

Apple Cider vinegar use for skin

Apple cider vinegar has many advantages. Many women use it to reduce pimples on your face. But let us tell you that apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature. Hence, it should be used in a limited way by mixing it with something else.

3: Turmeric

Turmeric use for skin

Turmeric is used to enhance beauty. Turmeric has many medicinal properties. But, it is very harmful to sensitive skin. By applying turmeric on the skin in excess, you may face many problems.

4: Vinegar

Some women use vinegar to remove stains on the face. But do you know that vinegar should never be applied to the skin? It also contains some amount of acid which can cause infection in your skin. If you want to apply it on your skin, then mix it with water.

5: Baking soda

baking soda use on skin

This has many benefits to the skin, but if it is applied to the skin without adding water, the lead present in it can cause pimples and spots on the skin. Also, applying more of it can reduce facial tone.

6: Cinnamon

Cinnamon use on skin

This red spice is not good for your face. Although cinnamon has some antimicrobial advantages and is used in healing wounds. you may also have allergies when using it on the face.
If you want to use cinnamon or any spice in a DIY mask, always do a patch test in a small spot in front of your earlobe.

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