What health problem During digital class for children

digital class for children

In the Corona period, children of digital classes are also facing many health problems, such as – irritability, mental issues, and eye strain.
People’s lifestyle has fully changed due to Coronavirus. It has had the largest impact on education. Children are now learning through online medium. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet are being used for this. In such a new challenge has arisen for studies. Digital classes are educating children, but the family has to struggle a lot with this. In addition, children are also facing many health-related problems, such as – irritability, mental problems, and eye pressure. Due to this fact, to maintain the well being of kids wholesome, our accountability turns into a very powerful.

 digital class for children

It is necessary for parents that they not only take care of children’s education but also care for their health. Keep these things in mind

some health problem and their solution

 digital class for children

Perfect posture: In digital classrooms, it is important that children’s posture is correct. They will not have back and abdominal pain.

Take care of eyes: In digital classrooms, the most impact is on the eyes. Use anti-glass glass during online classes, it will not cause eye pain. You can also use a good anti-glare glass on the doctor’s opinion.

Better quality audio:  Use better quality headphones for sound. With this, the child is being taught will be heard clearly because sound disturbances can distract him. The child will not understand correctly.

Do not sit on the computer screen for too long: Constant looking at a computer screen can cause stress to the child. It is also important that you occasionally involve children in some extracurricular activities.

Do yoga at home: Exercising children at home is very important. This helps in maintaining their fitness. Give Yoga to children, dance therapy can also be effective for children. Plan some indoor games as well.

The Ministry of Human Resources has issued these guidelines

  • Online class time for pre-primary students should not exceed 30 minutes.
  • There will be two online sessions for classes 1 to 8. One session will have a 45-minute class
  • For classes 9 to 12, there will be four sessions of 30–45 minutes duration.

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