5 health women problems do not share anyone, know why?

health women problems do not share anyone

Women go through periods of problem every month. But when it comes to any problem related to periods. women hesitate to share it with anyone. women have more such personal health problems, which they are hesitant to talk about.

Even ladies avoid seeking medical help for their personal problems, which results in them suffering from a serious disease. But by sharing these problems with someone or by taking medical help, women can avoid many dangerous problems. in this post, we tell you about some health problems of women. which problem women are afraid to speak.

Health problems which Women do not share anyone

1: Smell from the vagina

the imbalance of pH level in the vagina, bacteria called Lactobacillus increase, due to which the smell starts. Ladies do not take this problem seriously, which raises their risk of STIs and miscarriages.

2: Lack of sexual desire

Lack of sexual desire

Women do not like to talk about sex topics at all. In medical language, it is called ‘hypoactive sexual desire disorder’ or HSDD. Sexual deficiency is common in women suffering from menopause. But sometimes this problem is also caused by hormonal imbalance. Therefore, not hiding these problems, take advice from the doctor.

3: Stool problem

Stool problem in women

Men, as well as women, do not like to talk about it. But having any kind of problem, pain, mucus or bleeding while potty is a sign of digestive system malfunction. In such a situation, you should contact a doctor.

4: Change in nipples shape

change in nipple shape

Changes in the nipples can be a sign of dangerous diseases such as cancer, but women do not share this problem with anyone. If you notice any change in the nipples like size, color, ulcers, white discharge, or lumps. Get a doctor checked immediately.

5: Persistent sweating

Persistent sweating in girl
Sweating is common, but extreme sweating can be dangerous to health. Extreme sweating or foul smell in women is a sign of hyperhidrosis. Therefore, share this problem with someone and get a medical checkup done and treat it properly.

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