How Breastfeeding help in weight loss for women

Breastfeeding help in weight loss for women

Breastfeeding can help women lose weight after pregnancy. But this theory does not apply to everyone. Women often get very upset weight gain after pregnancy. so she starts methods of weight loss from a few days after delivery. But many research suggests that breastfeeding typically burns between 400 and 750 calories every day. Apart from this, if you are thinking of weight-loss exercises and diet tips, then, first of all, you should talk to your doctor and get permission regarding these things. So let’s first know in detail how breastfeeding is helpful in weight loss and if someone wants weight during breastfeeding, what healthy methods should they adopt.

Breastfeeding help in weight loss

Breastfeeding and weight loss

Breastfeeding is considered a natural way for new mothers to lose weight. Research suggests that breastfeeding mothers have a tendency to burn an average of 500 to 750 extra calories per day. Studies show, that women who breastfed exclusively for at least three months lost more weight than those who breastfed less.

At the same time, it is necessary to make a little change in diet and exercise for weight loss. For example, take small meals and do 30-40 minutes of less-intensity physical exercise. Along with this, you should consume less processed foods. such as lean protein, fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, which can contribute to maximum weight loss.

Healthy ways to lose weight

How to get breastfeeding in diabetes

To lose weight you need to create a calorie deficit. But cutting calories can make it difficult to get enough nutrients and make you feel tired and hungry. In addition, it can also have an effect on breastfeeding. Here are some tips to help lose weight in a healthy and nutritious way

Eat less but eat healthily food

Lactating mothers should avoid eating less than 1600–1850 calories per day. In this, you eat foods rich in protein and fiber. Do not eat processed foods with plenty of protein and fiber. This can help you reduce hunger. After this, eat some fat-free things on healthy days. An addition of diet and exercise may be beneficial for lactating mothers. It helps in maintaining the muscles. But if you talk to your doctor to exercise, it will be better for you and your baby. But you can do light exercises like going on this round walk, meditation, and yoga.

Stay hydrated

 weight loss for women

Drinking a sufficient amount of water can help in weight loss. It can help you lose weight by making more energy. At the same time, women can also take the help of lukewarm water to lose weight. Also, take special attention to your sleep. Lack of sleep can increase appetite and craving. While sleeping your baby, take at least some 25 minutes for yourself and sleep.

But keep in mind that it is very important to breastfeed properly for at least 6 months from birth. Therefore, do not start following a hard diet or heavy exercise immediately after pregnancy. Do not be shy and careless in breastfeeding the baby.

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