How Excess sex can make many problems for women

Excess sex can make many problems for women

Sex is a big step for any type of couple which the partners come near physically as well as emotionally. Many men become so much excited after a marriage that they only prefer sex only. While sex is very important for the marital relationship. The health of doing more sex may also suffer.

Excess sex can lead to many types of physical problems for women

1: Female partner may face problems

How Excess sex can make many problems for women

Sex is an important part of any relationship. In this relationship made of trust and love, both partners play an important role. But many times in the starting stage, the sex number between the couple becomes very high, but this may cause many problems for the women involved in that relationship.

2: Burning and swelling

Burning and swelling in women

Excess sex can cause irritation or swelling in the private part of women. Burning due to excessive rubbing of the skin can cause problems in the sitting process. It will also make it difficult while walking along. At the same time, swelling in the vicinity of Vajina also causes pain. When all these problems are together in the private part, then the situation becomes very difficult for women.

3: Urinary tract infection

 Excess sex can make many problems for women,Urinary tract infection

Excess sex also increases the chance of having a urinary tract infection UTI problem in women. This infection occurs when bacteria pass through the urinary tract into the urinary tract and then to the bladder, where its number increases. Due to this infection, women have a lot of pain, which can be cured only by medicines.

4: Lower back pain

Lower back pain in women

More sex increases the pressure on your lower back, this causes pain there. If this is not taken care of, then the pain may increase and may even show up to the doctor.

5: Cramp problem

Cramp problem in women in night

Back to back sex can give you fun. But due to this, there is a lot of pressure on your muscles which can cause cramp. Many times, the cramps easily go away. In some cases, medicine or a doctor has to be consulted. Especially girls have to face more such problems in the feet.

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