How to impress girl on whatsapp with some tips

How to impress girl on whatsapp

If you do not have a girlfriend. but you use WhatsApp and want to make your girlfriend through this. then you will know in detail in this article how to get a girl from WhatsApp.we often have no problem making friends with or interacting with girls we already know. but the great thing is that we talk to an unknown girl and friendship with them.

So in this article, we are giving you some such tips which if you follow properly, you will be able to friendship with an unknown girl on WhatsApp. In today’s time, we have to thank the messaging application which helps us to communicate easily with any unknown.

How to impress girl on whatsapp

This article can prove to be very useful for boys. who are shy and feel hesitant to talk to girls

Mostly Boys Try This Type Line

you- HI
she Hello
you How are you
she I am fine


If you send some such messages to the girl often, then the matter ends quickly. But if you want to continue your conversation for a long time. then ask the girl some interest so that she is a little surprised and at the same time she has to think a little while answering that question.

Ask funny questions

Do you eat soap in breakfast
She Whatnot
So how are you so beautiful


Note: Friend this is an example only so Try more With your mind or According Girl Intrest

The questions that turn the girl around, so if you want to impress girls, ask them an interesting question, otherwise your chatting will become boring and stop.

How to impress girl on whatsapp

Here Some Tips How to Impress Girl On Whatsapp


1: Say less hear more

Such boys are very boring. who only share their feelings to the girl. the girls want the boy to be someone who listens to them and wants to impress the girl .then at least say what she wants and impress Listen more. It helps to see how familiar between you two.

3: Be funny

Girls like boys who are caring as well as funny in nature. If you like a girl, ask them about their well-being as well as joking around and freshen up their mood. By doing this the girls will always be trying to interact with you. But note that every time your fun will be a big reason to block you. So there should be an understanding of your talk.

4: Motivate

From household chores to job studies, there are many such tasks in which girls are also stressed like boys, in such a situation, if you think they have a tension, ask them and if they tell you, then motivate them and Give him true praise and encourage him so that he can be happy by fighting his troubles

5: Really appreciate

Everyone likes to compliment. If you want to impress a girl, then apart from her dressup, do not forget to compliment the thoughts of the things that she likes, but yes do not make a false compliment by mistake too. Instead of becoming good, people with bad and time pass will become. So friends, if you follow these simple tips, then the girl will definitely accept you as a good friend. The problem of many friends is that often when they talk to girls on WhatsApp, they do not understand after a while, on which topic to talk next, here are some points that will help you girls. To chat on WhatsApp from late.

  1. During the conversation, ask them how was your day today, what did you face the most difficulty.
  2.  Ask them about their choice, which is your favorite book or movie, when did you go to the last time movie hall.
  3.  When you have no topic to say or this thing, then you also ask them about what they think is the best place in their city.
  4.  Ask them what kind of boy and what kind of behavior do you like with boys.
  5.  What is your passion? When you are empty, what do you like to do the most?
  6. What was your best moment in school college? Do you still want to remember those days of school and go back to those days?
  7.  If you have been talking with them for a long time, then you can ask where in the future is your dream to travel. You can ask them about their future list.
  8. You can take their opinion about the current political situation going on in the country to take the discussion forward and ask them which political leader you think is right and what should be in your opinion.

Friends, everyone wants people to talk to them, thus if you ask them some such topics, then the girl will feel that you are valuable in their eyes, so asking such questions.

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