Keep these things in mind when open gym after Lockdown on 3 August

The third phase of the unlock scheme will be implemented, in which the Government of India is thinking more relaxation, including the reopening of the cinema hall and gym. The government wants theaters and fitness centers to reopen with strict restrictions. Also, schools and colleges will also continue to operate online from the month of August. you know Gyms and fitness centers were closed to stop the effect of the coronavirus. Many people do workouts at home with the help of online fitness tutorials. However, without the guidance of a fitness trainer and gym trainer, people interested in fitness felt alone without gym equipment. Workout information available online also did not show much effect.

If you are ready to go to your nearest gym for a workout, we recommend that you stop a bit as soon as the ban is lifted. We need to understand that even though the government is gradually removing restrictions during the third phase of unlocking, the threat of an epidemic is still very high and still remains dangerous. When we are preparing ourselves to normalize situations in a new way, we need to take special care of some precautions. Before coming to the gym and fitness center you should follow these rules so that you can protect yourself from COVID-19.

You should take these precautions while going to the gym and fitness center.

Go to your schedule and return from there

Leave your habit of leaving just before the gym closes and set a time to avoid it. Make sure you attend your gym class within the stipulated time and do not stay at the gate for long. If you are arriving early, then it is advisable for you to wait in your car or somewhere far away. This will ensure that you do not join the person who is going to the gym at their scheduled time.

Keep your own water bottle

girl in gym with saker botel

Keep your own water bottle and other things. Instead of reaching near the water cooler at the gym, take your water bottle. Get ready for a workout session right from your home as lockers and changing rooms are the most likely to be closed to avoid the spread of infection. Stretching may also require you to carry your own yoga mat.

Keep sanitizing

If you are not wearing hand gloves when handling gym equipment, make sure to clean your hands after every use and do not touch your face. Carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you for this purpose.

Wear gym gloves and sweatbands while exercising

Doing this will ensure two things, one is that you will not pick up germs and bacteria from the workout equipment and it also prevents you from accidentally touching your face. You can also consider wearing arm sweatbands to stop sweat from under your face.

Do not go to the gym if you feel unwell

If you are feeling ill, you need to stay home to keep others safe. Keep in touch with your health care if you are struggling with signs of cough, fever

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