Paras Chhabra’s Ex-girlfriend refuses for Bigg Boss

Paras Chhabra's Ex-girlfriend refuses for Bigg Boss

This news came a few days ago. A new member is coming to Bigg Boss house. The name came out in this Pavitra Punia. You all will know Pavitra Punia. She has worked in a show Balveer. She played a negative character in it and her character is very famous. According to sources, it is known that Pavitra is being approached to come to Bigg Boss 14. That she has left his show Balveer to appear in Bigg Boss and she will be replaced by someone else. The news was also coming that she was bored by constantly playing negative roles. So she did not want to play a negative role now

Paras Chhabra's Ex-girlfriend refuses for Bigg Boss

As soon as such rumor started flying, after that Pavitra Punia herself said that she is not coming in Bigg Boss. Actually let us tell you that last time too, Pavitra was approached to appear in Bigg Boss 13 but due to her show she could not do it but now a new chapter of Balveer was starting. So it was believed that she can now come in Bigg Boss. But the makers of Bigg Boss needed 1 to 2 months of time. Because there was no time fix due to corona. That is why he felt that a lot of his time would be wasted and his identity is from this show itself. So she is doing it. Let me tell you that Tum Pavitra Punia has been a popular character in Bigg Boss 13. sHe has definitely not participated in this show. This is because her ex-boyfriend Paras Chhabra was on the show in Bigg Boss 13. The controversy was being held here and again in the name of Pavitra Punia. The same Paras Chhabra, who was seen supporting him from outside, said that he had a breakup before coming on the show,

Paras Chhabra's Ex-girlfriend refuses for Bigg Boss

Pavitra Punia did the right thing for himself by refusing the makers of Bigg Boss the show. Because of a show like Bigg Boss where many members will live in one house and these members will come from different places, now the season of the corona. Due to this, the shows which are organized will have to follow the government guidelines. The government can refuse to shoot at any time. In such a situation, if any member leaves a big brand or show, then it can be a loss to him. Pavitra Punia is a good and best artist. A reality show like Bigg Boss, in which a member has to be eliminated, if a member gets eliminated within 1 month, then there is a lot of loss. On the other side was his simi fight with Paras Chhabra. She did not want to be exposed again. She was very supportive of Paras Chhabra from outside. Paras Chhabra had said that he had shot out of their relationship before coming on the show and their conversation ended.
Now we can just wait when Bigg Boss comes in the audience and people can enjoy it. His promo has already been launched and it is set to launch more promos.

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