These three ways of having sex can be dangerous

Sex is an activity for fun. the reproductive system of the whole world is governed by sex. This is an enjoyable activity, so it is guaranteed that the survival of all species will continue. Where other animals still have sex in the manner prescribed by nature and continue to advance their species. We view sex as a more enjoyable activity. That is why we do many experiments during this period so that the level of enjoyment can be brought up. But sometimes the experiments are reversed. Even the experiments conducted during this time bring trouble instead of pleasure. Here we are going to talk about three similar situations when the use of sex turns badly.

These are some type of sex not perform with a partner

1: Having sex in a moving car

sex in car can be danger

You must have seen in many films, how lovers couple has sex in the car in the sex craze. The car sex is quite uncomfortable. You must have seen such situations in films, but it is not like trying in real life. By doing this you both move towards the accident. Both of you are not only putting your life at risk but also become a threat to the lives of other people driving on the road under the rule of law. So do not forget to try this path to thrill in your sex life.

2: Using common sex toys

Using common sex toys sex can be danger

Many studies are showing that sales of sex toys in India have increased rapidly in the last few times. Couples these days use sex toys to make sex experience more fun and exciting. There are some such sex toys that both boys and girls can use. But sharing a sex toy means to openly challenge the risk. This puts you at risk of STDs. If you have to share, then share it only after cleaning. And if you are a husband and wife and you know everything about each other’s sex life, then sharing can be done with some precautions, but if the partner’s sexual history is not trusted, then avoiding it is the best option. There are other safe ways to make bed encounters fun. Try them and be safe.

3: sex with multiple partners

sex with multiple partners can sex danger


on porn sites mean that three people having sex together is one of the most searched topics. Porn sites are full of such videos, but this is an unusual and extremely dangerous way in real life. Even though it promises a different kind of adventure in terms of Imagine, but you should avoid this method. Sharing a partner during sex can lead to many sexually transmitted diseases. This includes exposure to deadly viruses such as HIV. So you should maintain a safe distance from this method despite temptation. By the way, this method also does not fit in the structure of the rules made by the society.

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