Best tips for get better sleep

get better sleep

To stay fresh and full of energy the day, it is important you need good and comfortable sleep the night. But the sleeping places and circumstances can be hindering your sleep. tell you tips for get better sleep

How to get better sleep

Do yoga and meditation

get better sleep

If a person does yoga and meditation regularly, then he is fewer problems of not sleeping at night. Yoga reduces the fatigue and stress of your body so that you can sleep well.

Tea and coffee should be avoided

get better sleep

Do not drink too much coffee or tea before bedtime or in the evening. Because tea and coffee contain some elements that increase excitement and awaken the brain. There may be a problem of not getting sleep in such a situation.

Fix bedtime

get better sleep

Decide your time to sleep and wake up. when you get used to it. then you will automatically start getting sleep at that time. Do not stay awake at night, it causes sleep disappearance. Which the production of harmful adrenaline hormone increases. The result is that you do not sleep at all. Prepare yourself to sleep at the time.

Good distance from the TV

get better sleepDo not sit near the TV and computer half an hour before bed because the light coming from the TV and computer screen keeps our body feeling. Because of this, our body is not able to sleep. You can read books before going to sleep.

Music therapy

get better sleep

There is magic in music. It reduces fatigue of the mind, which also reduces body fatigue. Hear the sweet song before sleeping,

Massage Panzo

get better sleep

Massage Panzo to get yourself a good sleep. After a day’s fatigue, when your feet are massaged, it gives you rest and sleep.

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