Why is turmeric milk given to drink on the first night of marriage? Be shocked to know

first night of marriage turmeric milk

In Ayurveda, the diagnosis of multiple problems related to common life has been described. In this, solutions for married life have also been told about drinking turmeric milk in Ayurveda. Drinking turmeric milk is said to be very important especially on the first night of marriage. You must have often heard that the bride and … Read more

Best tips for make Your Workouts More Efficient

Best tips for make Your Workouts More Efficient

Exercising without procedure is similar to wasting time. If you need to make your body fitness effective and reach your health goals. then you should get the most from your exercise sessions. Being healthy and lean is not all about how much time you spend in the gym. How you consume time. Here are some … Read more

5 health women problems do not share anyone, know why?

health women problems do not share anyone

Women go through periods of problem every month. But when it comes to any problem related to periods. women hesitate to share it with anyone. women have more such personal health problems, which they are hesitant to talk about. Even ladies avoid seeking medical help for their personal problems, which results in them suffering from … Read more

Sanitizer, Masks and Food plan Can Play Necessary Role in Defending Us From Corona Virus

Sanitizer, Masks and Food plan Can CoronaVirus

I tell you Sanitizer Masks and Food plan Can Play Necessary Role in Defending Us From Corona Virus. Coronaviruses discuss with a big family of viruses in accordance with the biological classification methods. This family is responsible for many identified sicknesses in people just like the common cold. This coronavirus is new stress, earlier not … Read more

How to get breastfeeding in diabetes

How to get breastfeeding in diabetes

Breastfeeding is beneficial for both mother and baby. In particular, breastfeeding must be done in the first six months of infancy. But it is seen a woman has confusion in her mind about breastfeeding. For example, if a woman is diabetic, then she refrains from breastfeeding the child. because of her thoughts, her child will … Read more

How Breastfeeding help in weight loss for women

Breastfeeding help in weight loss for women

Breastfeeding can help women lose weight after pregnancy. But this theory does not apply to everyone. Women often get very upset weight gain after pregnancy. so she starts methods of weight loss from a few days after delivery. But many research suggests that breastfeeding typically burns between 400 and 750 calories every day. Apart from … Read more

what is Benefits of meditation

Benefits of meditation

We will talk about meditation. We will know what meditation is. How to do the benefits of meditation What is meditation Meditation is a mental state in which a person tries to concentrate his mind and brain. Take care of some things while meditating Wear comfortable clothes while meditating. Sit comfortably or you can also … Read more

 What health problem During digital class for children

digital class for children

In the Corona period, children of digital classes are also facing many health problems, such as – irritability, mental issues, and eye strain. People’s lifestyle has fully changed due to Coronavirus. It has had the largest impact on education. Children are now learning through online medium. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet are being used for … Read more

These three ways of having sex can be dangerous

Sex is an activity for fun. the reproductive system of the whole world is governed by sex. This is an enjoyable activity, so it is guaranteed that the survival of all species will continue. Where other animals still have sex in the manner prescribed by nature and continue to advance their species. We view sex … Read more